Anderson Digital Consulting (ADC) is an independent software consulting business, owned and operated by Ian D. L. Anderson, offering professional embedded software development and testing services to clients in a variety of industries.Are you looking for an experienced, professional software development specialist to help with your next embedded software project? Or do you have a complex software testing problem which requires a unique and creative solution? If so, please contact me! I would love to chat with you about how Anderson Digital Consulting can help you achieve your goals!

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Ian D. L. Anderson, proprietor of Anderson Digital Consulting. I am from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, just across the border from Detroit, Michigan. I have a Master of Applied Science (MASc) degree in Electrical Engineering and 16 years of experience working in the automotive industry in Metro Detroit.I have designed, developed and delivered quality software systems and key enablers which have been vital to the success of the business enterprise. Most recently, I developed embedded software for several generations of automotive infotainment systems, some of which are currently on the road in millions of vehicles today, and others which will be on the road in the future. Additionally, I have developed and deployed several custom test systems that have been in continuous use by teams of development and validation engineers around the globe for about a decade.

Services Offered

Custom Embedded Software Solutions

  • Design and development of custom embedded software or firmware solutions from the ground up or from an existing codebase.

Testing, Debugging, and Issue Resolution

  • Investigation, debugging and testing of existing software systems.

  • Identification and resolution of issues.

  • Development of test practices, procedures and techniques.

Maintenance and Codebase Quality Improvements

  • Code cleanup, refactoring, quality improvements (readability, modularity, testability, cyclomatic complexity, code style, etc.).

  • Resolution of static code analysis defects.

  • Resolution of standards violations (MISRA, CERT, ISO 26262, etc.).

  • Improvements in unit test quality and coverage.

  • Resolution of security-related vulnerabilities.

  • Optimization of device resource utilization (CPU, RAM, ROM, etc.).

Custom Test Tools, Scripts, and Process Automation

  • Design, development and deployment of custom test tools.

  • Development of test automation scripts.

  • Developer workflow and productivity enhancements.